COSTARS is a new approach to the Cooperative Purchasing Program. COSTARS encourages the formulation of an interactive partnership between Local Public Procurement Units and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

On September 23, 2005 Great Lakes Electronic Distributing was awarded the COSTARS-3 IT Hardware Contract by the Department Of General Services for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The COSTARS-3 IT Hardware Contract provides participants with the best pricing and offers additional features, including purchasing directly from vendors (like GLED) online.

Authorized customers looking to make a purchase through GLED's COSTARS-3 IT Hardware Contract may visit GLED's online store created specifically for Contract participants. The store can also be accessed from the menu on the left. For more information, contact the GLED COSTARS Contract Administrator via e-mail or at 1-800-831-0035.

Who Can Participate In COSTARS?

Whereas Section 1902 of Act 57 of May 15, 1998, as amended by Act 142 of December 3, 2002, 62 Pa. C.S. Section 1902, authorizes local public procurement units to participate in those contracts for supplies and services entered into by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) that are made available to local public procurement units. A "local public procurement unit" is defined as:

How Do You Register?

The DGS requires Local Public Procurement Units and State Affiliated Entities to register as COSTARS Members, and only those entities registered with the DGS may purchase from the Contract. Several thousand potential purchasers are already registered with the DGS as COSTARS Members. Eligible local public procurement units must register online with the Pennsylvania DGS. Once you register you will receive an approval letter with your member number.

The COSTARS Program is intended for the exclusive use of member organizations. Individuals associated with the member Organization are prohibited from using the contracts for personal purchases. Failure to abide by this may result in the member organization being removed from the COSTARS Program and appropriate legal action being taken against the individual(s) who improperly used the COSTARS Contract.

For more information, please visit the COSTARS Website.


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