The Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC) is an initiative of the Iowa Area Education Agencies (AEAs). They formed the IEC as an independent, tax exempt, non-profit institution supporting the mission of the Iowa Area Education Agencies.

The primary function of the IEC is to provide a voluntary purchasing program for K-12 schools by bringing all AEA statewide school programs together under one legal umbrella and one fiscal management group. IEC purchases allow schools to take advantage of aggressive pricing based on the purchasing volume of many Iowa schools.

The following organizations in the state of Iowa are eligible to purchase through the IEC:

Under GLED's IEC contract, authorized clients may purchase computer systems from us. You must use the IEC AV/Computer Co-Op catalog to access GLED's available products and pricing. The catalog can be accessed online at:

When ordering GLED systems or peripherals through the IEC, make your purchase order (PO) out to GLED. Please note that all POs placed under the IEC contract must be faxed or mailed to:

IEC AV/Computer Co-Op
3601 West Avenue Road
Burlington, IA 52601
Tel: 319-753-6561
Fax: 319-752-7525

If you have questions or need assistance regarding the computer products offered under GLED's IEC contract, please contact the GLED IEC Contract Administrator via e-mail or at 1-800-831-0035.

For more information about the IEC, visit their website at

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